Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Seth. I Give You the World

Today is Seth's 7th birthday. Seth has changed so much this year and has also been through alot. Another seizure in March, new struggles at school and a short stay in the hospital recently has added to his change. He is definetly a different and unique child and Duane and I have learned so much from him. All in all things are better than they were last year. I feel more hopeful and open to what God has in store for his life.A couple of weeks ago I found this globe at goodwill. I had been wanting one for quite some time and I knew Seth would love it. It was only $3.99 and when I went to pay for it some guy offered me $10 for it! But I kept it because I had great plans for the globe, just like God has great plans for Seth. So Seth, here you are. Happy Birthday my man. I give you the world.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Countdown to Christmas

With Christmas only three days away I wanted to remind everyone what Christmas is really about. It's not about Santa or presents as most people tend to believe. But about the celebration of the birth of Christ Jesus. It is way too easy to forget this, especially with the media's never ending ploy to try and exclude the use of Christmas from our vocabulary. With the increasingly popular use of Holiday instead of Christmas more and more people are forgetting what Christmas is really about. So take a pledge not to forget and don't be afraid to say "Merry Christmas!" instead of "Happy Holiday"

Handmade for Teacher Too

In keeping with my Handmade efforts I wanted to make handmade gifts for the boys teachers too. It took me till the night before to figure out what I wanted to make them. I had already made the Spiced Pecans and Savory Oyster Crackers but it just didn't seem like enough. I decided to try my hand at fabric coasters and they turned out so cute! I used coordinating Flea Market Fancy fabrics (my fav!) some fleece I had on hand and went to work. I made eight, four for each teacher, and it took me no more than an hour to make them all. Best of all since I already had all the supplies it cost me NOTHING! When I was done I didn't want to give them away! Then I tied each set up with yellow ric-rac and I REALLY didn't want to give them away. Good thing I have more fabric to make my own set! I will so be making these again VERY soon. I think some of my friends can expect to be getting a set of these for Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

How Many Years HAS It Been?

Today Duane and I decided it was time to clean our room. I'll admit I am TERRIBLE at keeping my room picked up. There were three large baskets of clean clothes that we have all been picking through for the last two or three weeks because I just haven't gotten around to putting them away. And that is just part of the mess. Seth walked in while we were cleaning and asked "What are you doing?" Okay, you know it has been a long time if your six almost seven year old has to ask what you are doing.

Me: "Cleaning our room."

Seth: "Why?"

Me: "Because it has been a long time since I have cleaned it and it needs it."

Seth: "How many years has it been?"


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Handmade for Christmas

I wanted to try & make as many of our gifts this year as possible. I ended up with only a few being handmade but I thought it was a good start. I won't reveal my favorite because it is a gift for my sister, Chubby Baby, and I don't want her to know what it is (obviously) but I will share another one of my favorites. My first quilt! (Transformers made from kinex are guarding the quilt while it is on the floor should anyone DARE step on it while I was taking a picture).

I have been wanting to make a quilt for a couple of years and just wasn't sure if I could pull it off & honestly didn't think I would have the time. But for some strange reason I thought it would be a good (and feasible) idea to make a T-shirt quilt for my grandpa & grandma for Christmas. I collected a t-shirt from each of their grandkids and great-grandkids, seventeen in all, and made my first quilt. The colors are scarlet on the front & gray on the back for what else but the Buckeyes! I also took a small piece from each shirt and made a strip down the back of the quilt. I decided to tie it instead of getting it quilted as this was a MUCH cheaper option for me. I still have some learning to do but all in all I think it turned out pretty well. I can't wait to see my grandparents faces when they open this on Christmas morning!

Monday, December 15, 2008

This is so true

I saw this on my friend Jenny's blog Mommin It Up & I laughed out loud. This is so true. I give you The Man Cold.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fatty, Fatty, Two by Four...

Can't fit through the kitchen door.

That's our tree. I love big FAT Christmas trees. Last year I went for one a little skinnier and well it just didn't satisfy my Christmas tree itch. So this year I had to make up for what was lacking last year.

I also love hunting for the perfect FAT Christmas tree. My kids love it too. My husband not so much. But I have to drag him along because although I can cut the tree myself I am unable to lift it onto the top of the explorer myself. This year he grudgingly tagged along. I told him he could wait in the truck while we searched for the perfect tree but he came along with us. Once we found the tree he wouldn't let me cut it down! I think he secretly likes Christmas tree hunting and just doesn't want to admit it.

Elijah insisted on pulling the tree back to the barn. You can't see him here but see that BIG bushy tree in between the two rows of trees. That's our tree and he is in front of it pulling the cart.

He is working so hard!

The only thing missing was the snow.

Going Vintage

I have recently fallen in love with most things vintage. Blame it on Etsy and the plethora of beautiful vintage things you will find on there. Part of me loves vintage because of the nostalgia associated with it. I have told my husband numerous times that I was born in the wrong decade. I should have been born in the thirties or forties. Buying vintage allows be to tap into that feeling of having missed it the first time around. But I also love vintage because it means I can be green without really being green. I really can't stand this whole green thing. It has become such a PC thing to do and well I am not PC. I do believe in taking care of what God has given us and being good stewards of the earth, but I do not buy into the media, democratic agenda, global warming thing. It just isn't happening for the reasons that they tell you it is and well basically people are not intelligent enough to do the research and find out the truth for themselves. Ok enough about that moving back to the whole vintage thing.

Here is what I have scored so far. A few, alright ALOT of vintage ornaments which I LOVE and only wish I had more little containers to put them in. The glass apothecary jar on the right was a vintage find from Salvation Army for $1.99! Score!

They even look cute in thier little boxes!

I did manage to add some to this wreath. I stole the idea from Sis Boom, but only because I couldn't buy the one she has.
The other day I found a little something for Seth's birthday at Goodwill, which I will show you later. I stopped at the Salvation Army yesterday and there was the cutes little vintage blue suitcase/hat box or something. For some stupid reason I didn't buy it. I am going back tomorrow all the while praying that it is still there. I have plans for it for a Christmas gift for Kate.

Ooh, ooh! I also bought a set of vintage Anchor Hocking red and white salt and pepper shakers. They are so awesome and they will go great in my red kitchen that I will have, someday, sigh.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just Call Me Herenya

I found this on Angry Chicken and since we are HUGE Lord of the rings fans I just had to try it! Turns out my name in Elvish is Herenya which is pronounced Hair-ehn-yah.
Kate is Manwathiel prnounced Mahn-wah-thee-ell.
Duane's name is only listed under a different spelling which means something different than what his name means so I chose his middle name which is Mornenion pronounced More-nehn-ee-on
Elijah is Hirnaeranin pronounced Here-nie-rah-neen
Seth is Cilmeon pronounced Kill-mee-on

Try it out and let me know what your Elvish name is!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Gorgeous Giveaway

The fabulous Dana at Old Red Barn Co. is giving away THREE gorgeous quilts! Can you believe it ! Three! It would be so awesome to win one! Not that I have much luck in that department but one can hope right!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Four Letters, One Important Word

I have been having a really hard time this semester. Trying to balance 3 classes, subbing, family and home is proving to be difficult. Lately as the semester has been winding down and papers are due it has gotten increasingly worse. Not to mention I have been sick for the last two weeks and have not been able to get much done. But last night was bad. Duane was at practice so it was just me and the kids. I had had a sinus headache all day that I was unable to get rid of and it was getting worse by the second. It was bed time and there were toys and games to be picked up, school clothes to get ready and books to read. As I discovered that Seth didn't have any clean uniform pants in his drawer I lost it. My head was pounding and the tears were flowing. I began thinking about the paper I needed to start that night and also everything I needed to get ready for Monday because I was supposed to sub. I called Duane, who was already on his way home, sobbing. I couldn't think, talk, or move without excruciating pain in my head. I woke up this morning feeling groggy, sick, guilty over not subbing and anxious over the paper I still have not started. When I walked into the kitchen I saw this on the fridge. Amidst a myriad of magnets, spelling tests, school projects and drawings, four letters which spelled one very important word.

I think it was there yesterday, spelled out by one of the boys, but I didn't notice it, perhaps that was part of the problem. But it dawned on me that I was forgetting to do one very important thing. Pray. I mean we pray at meals and bedtime but I am forgetting to pray regularly as part of my relationship with God. I plan to leave it up there as long as the kids will allow me. Just as a daily reminder of the wisdom of children and my need for God.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fun with Pumpkins & the Camera

A couple of weeks ago the kids & I went to a local park for one of their fall festivities. The kids love this park because it has a super fun children's garden that encourages them to explore, imagine & play. They got to paint pumpkins, hide from trolls and play in the garden. Seth decided he wanted to paint his pumpkin orange. He hasn't let that pumpkin out of his sight since. He sleeps with it, plays with it, takes it to school and eats with it sitting by his side on the table.

While the kids were playing here,
I was playing with my camera and discovered a few tricks that I forgot it could do. Cool huh! This first one is my favorite! each pot is a different color but I thought the blue stood out the most.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treek!

We are not huge Halloween people. But the kids do enjoy dressing up and of course getting free candy. Since Mommy & Daddy are so mean & hardly ever buy them candy this is an especially fun treat. So here are our little monsters ready for Trick or Treating, or Trick or Treeking as Kate calls it. I usually buy there costumes but this year I am trying to do as much as I can without buying commercial stuff so we tried to make them or make due with what we had.

Elijah got a Brown's costume for Christmas last year & since they won their game last Sunday it was a given for him to be a Brown's player.

I was back & forth for weeks as to what Kate should be. I wanted her to be a Matryoshka doll but since I had a midterm & three papers due last week I really didn't think I would have the time to make it. Instead she was a Rocker Chick. I stole one of Daddy's old (and by old I mean 1980's probably wore it in High School should have been thrown out years ago OLD) Metallica T shirts and sized it down to fit her, sprayed her hair pink and with matching pink converse she was good to go!

Seth on the other hand had decided that he wanted to be WALLE several weeks ago. I kept asking Duane to bring home a box so we could get started on it & not leave it to the last minute. Well, I am sure you can guess what happened. We were putting the finishing touches on it as we were trying to get ready to go. It turned out REALLY cute though. At first he wasn't to sure about it. But after he started trick or treating & people started recognzing him he really got into it. He started walking & holding his arms like WALLE. Everytime someone would recognize who he was he would say "WALLE" in his perfect WALLE voice and then wave with his robot hand. So cute. By the end of the night we were all freezing but each little one had a bag full of candy to make it worth it.

Bonus! On the way home we passed a church that has a pumpkin patch every year. The pumpkins were FREE! Since we didn't buy any this year because last year they were stolen off our front porch I let the kids each pick a pumpkin!

UPDATE: Seth won best creative costume at a harvest party we went to Friday night!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hob Nailin It

My serger broke a couple of weeks ago. Since I have to take some time off from sewing Kate's fall wardrobe I decided to do some buying. I found these cute little vases which will enjoy a bud or two of gerbera daisies in the spring.

I did manage to get a couple of pieces sewn before my serger broke. My list is getting smaller all be it very slowly.
This cute red linen dress made from Sugar City Journal's Village Frock pattern.

These cute denim pants were made from the Favorite Little Things Little Smarty Pants pattern which I altered to make them full length pants. They turned out really cute but I should have made them a little longer.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Grosgrain Giveaway!!!!

Her she goes again! This time with a whole wardrobe of mix & match reversible skirts & tops. So cute!


Why I am NOT voting for Obama

I am pretty much fed up with hearing about the election. I am sooo glad that it is only a week away. Anytime there is a commercial on I turn the channel or turn it off. So lately me T.V. has been spending alot more time off. Which is a good thing anyway. But because I live in Ohio I am getting bombarded with phone calls from one candidate or the other as well as for many of the local issues. On the way to school the other morning I heard an add that did not mention specific names but basically was saying that "If there is one thing this election shouldn't be about it is prejucide." (or racism I can't remember which word it used) So apparently if you are not voting for Osama I mean Obama, you are prejudice! Well then I guess I am prejudice! Nevermind the fact that the color of his skin has absolutetly NOTHING to do with why I am not voting for him.

The man has no experience, he wants to turn this country into a socialist country where the government takes money from the rich & gives it to the poor, thus creating an even larger and more pathetic group of Americans who will allow I mean depend on the government to support them. He approves of partial birth abortions, which if anyone knew what really happens during a partial birth apportion and still thinks it should be legal has no respect for humanity and no heart. He also approves of redefining marriage. God clearly states that marriage is to be between a MAN and a WOMAN and we have no business redefining that.

I have to be honest I am scared to death of the outcome of this elevtion. So many people are blinded by the smooth talking and shouts for "Change!" I can only pray that people will open their eyes and see what this man is really about and be smart enough not to vote for him.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I Can't Believe She is Giving This Away !!!!!!!

Ok, I thought the last costume this amazing woman was giving away was fantastic. But this tops it by far. You absolutely have to see this.
Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Can you see Kate walking down the street wearing this! Watch out world here she comes!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

So I've been thinking...

Times are very hectic around here. I can hardly keep up with the every day household things. I have noticed lately that I don't enjoy sewing for my store anymore. I see it more of a chore, one more thing on my ginormous list of things to do. As I lay in bed last night trying to fall asleep the thought of quitting my stores crossed my mind. Just selling off what I have including some (but not all) of my fabric stash and saying goodbye for now. I do like to sew & I enjoy the satisfaction of a job completed but am getting little to no satisfaction from having to stock a store. I guess what I really want is to be able to enjoy sewing again. I think giving it up & thinning out my stash will help me feel less stressed and give me more time to spend with Kate and tending to my house. I have some items planned for Christmas so maybe after that I will take a sabbatical. I don't know. We'll see.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shenandoah Costume GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

I have been agonizing for weeks as to what I should make Kate for halloween. I found this today & I LOVE it! She would just be adorable in this costume! Then I wouldn't have to find the time to make one, Bonus! Check it out for yourself.
Shenandoah Costume GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just plain Yummy - Store updates

I love felting wool sweaters! It is so exciting to see what the sweater will look like when it is done felting. And then the joy of designing with them! I like to make each one unique in some way. I have several that I am trying to talk myself into parting with. Namely this one.

However, I do have a couple currently for sale in my shop. If I can bear to part with the above tunic it too will be in the store soon.

In my other store I have new designer kitchen towels for Halloween and the fall/Thanksgiving season.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

See, I like to keep things interesting...

I also like to keep my family on their toes. I see it as practice in case there is a real emergency. Today's exercise? Locking my keys in the van we are borrowing, both of them. Yes that's right. I locked both keys that belong to the van in the van today. Several cell phone calls to my mom, husband, dad, van owner and various locksmiths later we were finally able to track down an extra key. Whew, because the cheapest lock smith I could find was someone who was literally two blocks down the street from where I was and he was going to charge me $60.00! One guy I called said and I quote
Guy: "Where is your car?"
Me: "Beavercreek"
Guy: "Yeah, I don't feel like coming out there today."
Me: speechless

Some people are just too nice for words.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Feeling Crafty and Chocolaty!

Today is the Chocolate Festival here in town. This is the only reason I go. To die for! And that's right folks, that's a buckeye on top of there! Could you ask for anything more?

As for the crafty part, I took the kids to see WALL E at the cheap theater yesterday. Afterward I went to Joann's & found these lovely fabrics to make fall clothes for Kate.

This one is by far my favorite. It's a linen blend in a smoky brown with turquoise stripes. The pictures don't do it justice. It was all ready on clearance for $4.00/yd & since there wasn't a full yard (only 35") I got it for the remnant price of 50% off so it was $2.00!

On the way home the van we are borrowing overheated so I had to pull over & wait in a parking lot for about 30 minutes for my dad to bring me some antifreeze. I compiled this long list of things to make for Kate out of the fabric I bought. Guess I should get busy if I want to get any of this done before spring!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

As If I Don't Have Enough

My sister & I went to the Fabric Shack this Saturday. I LOVE this store & thankfully it is a good 35 minuted away or I would be DEAD BROKE! At the entrance to the store stool 2 large carts piled with cuts of fabric all $2.98/yd! But you had to take the whole cut. (not a problem!) Inside there was another cart full! In the several years I have been shopping there I have never seen or heard of this sale but boy was I glad I went! I was very good though & only got a few cuts in addition to some Christmas towel fabric and Gasp! some fabric for me! Urban Chicks new line 1974. It is so fun! I plan on making a purse for myself, we'll see if I ever get around to it.
As if my splurge on Saturday was not enough when I was leaving for school Monday afternoon my mailman (who I think has a crush on me, or at least according to my husband) pulls up next to my car & holds up a box full of packages for me! One was from my cousin who was sending me something for a Christmas project but the others were, yep, you guessed it, more fabric!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Loss for Words

Earlier this week we found this grotesque yet beautiful creature climbing on a tree that hurricane Ike had knocked down. We had no idea what it was since none of us had ever seen anything like it before. Seth walks over to it & says "It looks like an ichneumon wasp." I'm like what?! I for one had never heard of such a thing. I asked him how he knew that & he said he saw it in an amazing animals book once. Of course I am thinking yeah right. I'm sure that's really what it was. Well you know what. He was right! It was! What do you say to that?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An Unexpected Visitor

We (and by we I mean much of southeast Ohio & parts of Indian & Illinois) had an unexpected visitor Sunday by the name of Ike. Hurricane Ike to be precise. He swept through Dayton with winds that categorized the storm as a category 1 hurricane. That's right folks a hurricane, in OHIO. Thankfully there was little to no rain but there was plenty of wind. After a good five hours of 60-80mph wind our neighborhood was left with no power and the ground looked like the trees had thrown up. Lots of debris everywhere and numerous LARGE trees blocking several roads, 3 of which were within 1/2 a block from my house.

I got to watch this tree as it fell. It was one of the most awesome things I have ever seen. I keep replaying it in slow motion in my head. We were standing about 4 houses away from it waiting for it to fall. Kate was very freaked out & spent the next hour with her hands covering her ears. When the tree fell it wasn't loud though so I am not sure why she felt the need to cover her ears. The amazing thing about all the trees falling around here, was not one tree fell on a person, house or car. You can't tell me God did not have a hand in that!

We were left without power for a mere 30 hours. My Grandparents still don't have power, 3 days later. The boys didn't have school Monday, Tuesday or today. It is only September and they have already used up 3 of there snow days! They have thoroughly enjoyed it though.

We spent the night at my parents Sunday night because they had power. By Monday evening I had decided I could not live without my bed and would sleep at my house even if we didn't have any power. The lights came back on shortly after I had made the decision to go home. It made me think though. About those who have to go days, weeks, months without power or their own bed, because of the true devastation a hurricane can leave behind. I feel blessed that things were not worse & am left praying for those who are still rebuilding after a hurricane no matter how long ago it was.

The Dish Fairy

The boys don't have school again. I'll explain that in the next post. They were in the kitchen with the door shut this morning, unloading the dishwasher. I was in the dining room & over heard this conversation.

Seth: Elijah, I wish God could do the dishes!

Elijah: Yeah! He could just touch them and they would all be done!

Seth: He could do all the dishes and put them away!

Both Boys: Yeah, that would be cool!

Wouldn't it though! I for one would love to have God as my Dish Fairy!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New In the Shop

I listed a few new designer towels in my shop! This one is my favorite!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Just a funny little something that happened today that I needed to share. My kids and I went to the market this morning with my parents, grandma, niece, nephews. A total of 6 kids. We were all dressed in Ohio State, but that's not the point. Somehow I managed to have all the kids to myself while my parents and grandma were in another part of the market shopping. I am sure you can imagine the scene we created, all in a line, traipsing through the market, supporting our Bucks. After the kids had seen everything we went outside & sat at a picnic table to enjoy our purchases.

Twenty minutes later, with a bunch of restless kids, we were still waiting for the rest of the adults. At this time a woman who was probably in her mid 60's came up & asked me if they were all mine. (I am surprised it took someone this long to ask as I am sure everyone was thinking it). I explained that three were mine & the other three were niece & nephews. She continued to complement me on how well behaved they were! She said she has seen us inside, all following me & just wanted to let me know how good there were. "You don't see that very much these days." She said. I kindly thanked her and waited till she was far away before I burst out laughing. If she only knew :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Cool Cars

As you may know from this post, we are without our truck. So some good friends of my parents let us use their minivan that they are not using right now. The kids & I went out there tonight to pick it up. Keep in mind my husband & I do not like minivans and have vowed never to own one. However, we are VERY, VERY grateful for their generosity. That being said Seth instigated this conversation with me on the way home.

Seth: Mom, who don't people steal minivans?

Me: Um, probably because they don't want to.

Seth: Do they only want to steal cool cars?

Me: (laughing out loud) Yes, Seth!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Won't Forget

We all know what today is. September 11. Seven years ago today our nation was attacked and 2,974 died. I remember that morning. I was 6 months pregnant with Seth. I had taken my car to the shop that morning and when my mom dropped me off at home I went to turn on the TV to watch the news. Only it wasn't the news I was expecting. I remember thinking "What movie is this? Isn't it a little early for a movie?" As I sat there trying to figure out what I was watching I saw it. The second plane. I saw it fly right into the second building as if the building was not even there. And then to hear that there were two more planes, who's heroic passengers sacrificed themselves to save thousands of people. There were alot of tears that day. Not only from me but from millions of other people around the world, and lots of questions.
We all claim that we will never forget. But I remember when they used to televise the reading of each name and dedicated the whole morning to remembering that horrific day. Today I turned on the news hoping to see such an event. But I didn't. There was a moment of silence when the first plane hit and a few more minutes of remembering, then nothing. I switched channels hoping at least one of the major channels would be showing a ceremony. Good Morning America had the above mentioned event, CBS was interviewing a family at the Pentagon and the Today Show was making dessert bars. That's right dessert bars. Oh, they mentioned the days events as if it was a small blip in the days happenings. None of the stations even broke in for the 9:03 anniversary of the second plane. I was appalled by the whole thing. Apparently the media can forget. At least when it is part of their liberal agenda to keep this nation forgetting about what we are really fighting for over in Iraq. Not to worry I will never forget and hopefully neither will millions of other Americans. God Bless you all on this sad anniversary of a truly horrific event.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Something New

A new little something for my PH Etc store. Mason Jar Pin Cushions! I just love the way they look. Best of all the cushion itself is made from felted wool & then covered in a piece of fantastic fabric! Take a look. I am sure you will enjoy

Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Don't get me wrong. The whole day wasn't horrible. But that pretty much sums up how we felt yesterday. I'll explain why.

The day stared well enough. The usual antics of trying to get everyone ready for church were going on. The kids were soon ready & Duane & I were getting things together & working our way towards the door when I heard screaming. Terrible, Horrible tears pouring down face screaming. I looked out the front door to where the kids were & saw Kate down on all fours at the bottom of the porch stairs crying. Turns out the boys as Seth put it were "Practicing their jumping skills." Kate decided to practice hers too only she didn't land so well. Her finger was covered in blood. I took her inside to clean her up. After washing of most of the blood I noticed the tip of her finger was purple & blood was coming out both sides & the bottom of the tip of her finger. I am not sure what she cut it on but for a few minutes until she would actually let us touch it, we thought she may have sliced the tip of her finger off. It ended up looking bad enough that I felt I had to take her to urgent care, just in case it might need stitches. Duane decided I could take her & he would take the boys to church in the truck. This is the point where the day gets terrible & horrible.

We have recently had numerous break ins to our truck. So tired of having to fork out a deductible every time someone breaks in my husband keeps nothing in the truck & leaves it unlocked. Well, Saturday night not only did someone break in but they hung out. There were at least 2 of them. They leaned the seats back, hung out, smoked & left ashes on our dashboard & worst of all they ripped the steering column & dash to shreds. They were trying REALLY hard to steal it. So hard that they damaged the ignition to the point that we can't even get a key in it to start it. I actually wish they had stolen it. Then maybe they would have totaled it & we could have gotten a new(er) car out of it. Duane ended up staying home to wait for the police & no one went to church.

Kate's finger is ok. She didn't need stitches. It is just a weird cut that goes from one side of her finger tip to the other just under the surface of the skin. She does have a nice goose egg on her forehead though. The truck not so much. And someone else broke in last night! HELP! Anyone want to buy a house?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

NOW it is Fall

Fall doesn't truly start around here until the Greek Festival & the Italian Festival. Both of which are going on this weekend! I wait all year for this weekend! To start off the festivities Kate & I walked to the Greek festival (in the rain & it was so worth it) Friday to get a box of yummy pastries & spinach & cheese pies ( Tiropitakia) for lunch. My favorite is the Walnut Rolls although I don't know what their official Greek name is. Kate likes Baklava (who doesn't) as well as the Kadaifi and like her mom, the Walnut Rolls. The boys enjoyed their Baklava too. It was all devoured by Saturday evening!
Saturday morning we joined my family for breakfast at the park. We all met at a local park, including Great Grandma & Grandpa, & cooked breakfast on the grill. We used to do this frequently growing up. It brought back so many memories. New memories were certainly made this time. Including Elijah falling into the lake! Not to worry he was quickly rescued & no worse for the wear although he was quite wet!
My kids & all but one of my nieces & nephews. This picture was not staged. Five of them are watching a train go by on the other side of the lake & the other one (Kate go figure) is just being difficult.

I managed to sneak a rare picture of my elusive husband. Although he still managed to hide his face in the shadows, very sneaky of him.
Sadly between homework and an order to fill I ended up being too busy to go to the Italian festival. However, my parents were kind enough to bring us back some cannolis! Yum! The weekend continued to prove eventful on Sunday but I'll save that for the next post.

Friday, September 5, 2008


I finally had my garage sale yesterday. I have been planning it & putting it off ALL summer long. Since it was so late in the garage sale season I actually splurged & bought a news paper add in our major news paper & boy did it pay off! I had the sale at my sister's house so she decided to include stuff too so actually we split the cost of the add, which also included an online add for free. I also advertised on Craigslist, again free:)
Of course I had quite a bit of major stuff to get rid of. A huge set of dishes, high chair, swing, double stroller, lots of new clothes still with the tags on them! And tons of frames! I sold everything I really wanted to get rid of except the double stroller. I had one lady that bought $28 worth of kids clothes & then came back with more $ and bought another $34 worth of clothes! So from her alone I made $62! All in all the whole thing was a success, I made $286, but $16 of that goes towards my news paper add. I can't complain! The best part is I have a friend who is having another sale next week. So everything that didn't sell yesterday gets another chance to a whole new group of people! Don't you just love garage sales!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ready to Ship

There are a couple of cute little outfits in the PH Baby Co store that are ready to ship! Just waiting to be worn by a sweet little girl who has an even sweeter mama for buying them for her.

Dandelions and Polka Dots 2pc Outfit 2T

Flea Market Fancy 3pc Outfit 18-24mo

Both outfits are one offs so your little dear will be the only one wearing them! Both are great transitional pieces as they can easily be layered. The skirt looks adorable with brown leggings underneath!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Finally the Linley Bags!

I know I said I was going to debut these a couple of weeks ago. I am finally getting around to it.
Here is the Linley bag. Quite large and roomy!
And of course for those who don't want such a huge bag, the little Linley.
These two are listed in my Pumpkin Head Etc store. I am still working on the design as I am not 100% in love with this one. So the next bags may be slightly different, we'll see. They are both ready to ship!

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating the end of summer. The kids and I spent a couple of days in the country visiting my grandma. Oh it was so nice when we got there to open up the car door & smell the clean country air! We had such a fun time. Seth and I went out Saturday night to walk off our ice cream and search for night animals. We didn't find any but Seth had fun chasing the flashlight beam on the road. Cheap entertainment! We did find a dozen or so of these little creatures hanging out by Great Grandma's front door.
Sunday morning was spent walking to the river with Grandpa and doing some more exploring. The dew still covered the ground and there was plenty of flowers and bugs to see. We walked by the fields and found a gourd growing by the road so we picked it and brought it home. I got to go running while I was there. I love running in the country. No obnoxious car stereos and yelling, just the sound of the birds in the trees, dogs barking and the river gurgling.More fun was had throughout the day, including a trip with Grandpa to the lake, cousins coming to visit and more exploring along the train track and river. There was also a makeshift game of football. In the end the excitement was just too much fun for Elijah and Kate. Kate was so exhausted she couldn't even make it the extra two steps to the couch.

Monday was spent getting ready for an upcoming garage sale and swimming! Despite the almost 90 degree temperatures the water was too cold to spend alot of time in it. But we all had fun anyway.

I myself am so ready for fall. Even though the weather hasn't been terrible this summer it is nice to be able to sit comfortably in your house. We don't have A/C and the odd shape & design of our windows keeps us from being able to have window A/Cs too. So we suffer and are thankful for the cool summer days we do get. I'll post more about fall later. I am supposed to be writing a paper right now. But I am having writers block. Obviously. Well, at least about the topic for my paper. As for anything else I could just about write a book right now.