Saturday, September 13, 2008


Just a funny little something that happened today that I needed to share. My kids and I went to the market this morning with my parents, grandma, niece, nephews. A total of 6 kids. We were all dressed in Ohio State, but that's not the point. Somehow I managed to have all the kids to myself while my parents and grandma were in another part of the market shopping. I am sure you can imagine the scene we created, all in a line, traipsing through the market, supporting our Bucks. After the kids had seen everything we went outside & sat at a picnic table to enjoy our purchases.

Twenty minutes later, with a bunch of restless kids, we were still waiting for the rest of the adults. At this time a woman who was probably in her mid 60's came up & asked me if they were all mine. (I am surprised it took someone this long to ask as I am sure everyone was thinking it). I explained that three were mine & the other three were niece & nephews. She continued to complement me on how well behaved they were! She said she has seen us inside, all following me & just wanted to let me know how good there were. "You don't see that very much these days." She said. I kindly thanked her and waited till she was far away before I burst out laughing. If she only knew :)

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Mike and Amy said...

i have 4 younger sisters, and if a stranger would compliment us to my parents, they would always say "just wait awhile..." :)