Saturday, January 30, 2010

R.I.P. Goldspeed

Goldspeed committed suicide today. I should have seen it coming. He has attempted suicide before. Only to be foiled by Elijah's timely entrance into the room where he found him floundering on top of the dresser. This time there was no hope. He made sure it worked. He jumped behind the dresser where he could not be seen. And in fact it took us several minutes to locate him because he was covered in so much dust he just looked like a fish shaped dust bunny (yeah, that's right. I don't clean behind our dressers very often).

Oh, the tears. Who would have thought. I mean he had long outlived his brothers and sisters (all but one that is) who were all dead within a few weeks of arriving at our humble abode. Heads were buried into my shoulder with large alligator tears soaking my shirt. With requests of buying a new fish interrupted by loud sobs.

Services were held promptly in the bathroom and officiated by me.


Over the last few years I have changed.


Mostly for the good :)

One thing I have been wanting to change for a while is my store name. I have grown out of the Pumpkin Head phase and no longer have the desire to sew the baby items I was selling in my PHBC store. So this week I made the decision to close the store. Whew! What a load off of my mind. I know it sounds insignificant but I put alot of time and effort into that store, well at one point in time I did anyway. But it had been months since I had added anything new, all my listings had expired and I did not want to renew them.

About a year and a half ago I opened another store Pumpkin Head etc, with the intent of selling handmade things for everyone else. Then last January I discovered how much more fun (and easier) it can be to sell vintage. Vintage doesn't really fit with the Pumpkin Head name. But I didn't want to open up another store & at the time I was unable to change the name of the store I had. Well, (this is exciting) I recently found out that at some point this year you will be able to change your user name on Etsy! Hooray! Just what I needed. Now I get to change my store name & I don't have to restart my store!

This is basically just a heads up. Over the next couple of months I will be gradually changing things, including my blog, over to my new store name Glenna & Joy. An homage to my grandmothers. The new store will be vintage and handmade. Perfect.