Saturday, June 30, 2007

I am so done with Ebay!

I haven't shopped on Ebay too much this season. I decided today to try & find some jeans for Kate for this fall. Just to get a head start on things. I forgot how absurdly high the shipping charges could be! It just burns me up to see people charging as much as $8.95 for parcel post shipping for a pair of 2T jeans! Come on what a rip off! They could be shipped 1st class for around $3 or so. Listing after listing of outrageous shipping charges. Most of the sellers were charging more for parcel post than it costs to ship priority! I might as well buy them new! In most cases by the time I paid that ridiculous shipping charge I can get them for new if I wait for a sale!

Ooh it just makes me so mad to see people ripping others off. And the thing is, there are people on Ebay who are stupid enough to pay that. Therein lies the problem. People are dumb enough to pay $8.95 to ship a pair of baby jeans. So those jerks selling them keep raising their shipping rates. I may still buy the occasional item on there but shipping has to be cheap!

And of course I will still sell outgrown clothes & such but you will NEVER see me over charge for shipping!

Ebay needs to make some SERIOUS changes in it's shipping policies!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Look at the surprise I got in the mail today!

I orderd this fabric like 3 weeks ago & never heard back from the website & hadn't been charged for it. So I emailed to find out about it & still nothing. Then Surprise! In the mail today I get this package & whatta ya know it's my fabric! Look! Don't you just love it! Great Ginger Bliss fabric!. It is out of print & SO hard to find! Now if only I can decide what to do with. So many choices! Ideas anyone?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's Official!

The Terrible Two's have begun! Technically there are still 23 days until my little Pumpkin Head turns 2. But let me tell you she has become Terrible! Every evening she bites, kicks, pinches, scratches & jumps on top of her older brothers. All of which she didn't use to do (except for the jumping on top of them part).

I have never dealt with one of my own children acting like this before! Don't get me wrong my boys went through a rough patch around the age of 3. But NOTHING like this! Aaagh! How long is this going to last! Boys are definitely easier to raise when they are younger!

Guess I need to just buckle down & get ready for the ride! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Babies! That's right Babies! Plural

I am so happy! My Best friend just found out today that she is have a boy & a girl! I mean she knew she was having twins but she just found out the sexes today. And as if that isn't enough my other best friend recently found out that she is having her 4th boy! And my other good friend just had a baby girl! There are more but too many to list. I am literally surrounded by babies & pregnant women! So glad I am not one of them again! Watch out Etsy here I come!

Monday, June 25, 2007

My first try at felting

Ok so I have been wanting to try felting for a little while. As if I don't have enough to do right! I finally got around to trying it today, with varying results. This is my first "ball" if you will. I use that term very loosely. Looks more like a little turd on the CPF, of course the color doesn't really help. Mind you I tried this before I read the directions. I was having a male moment.

So I tried again, this time trying a different technique but still choosing not to read the directions, yet another male moment :) Looks like more poo, doesn't it!

Ok so it is at this point that I realize I am waisting my wool & I need to read the directions, so I go back to my computer & slowly read the directions a couple of times. Then back to the sink to try again.

Look! 3rd time is a charm! It's not perfect but hey! For the first time (sorta) I think it turned out pretty good! There was a strange tag of wool hanging off of it that I ended up just cutting off. I hope that I didn't ruin the whole thing by doing that. I guess we will see.
Now the waiting game. I guess it can take a couple of days to dry completely. Guess I'll have to wait to make more to make sure it turns out ok. This is going to be fun!

Don't you just love the quaintness of England

I stumbled across this blog on Etsy, while looking for some lovely wool roving. I love it! I have always wanted to live in England (among other places) but my hubby thinks I am crazy & is perfectly happy to stay here in boring ole' Ohio USA. But Simmy's blog is full of quaint little bits of English culture. It makes me smile & wish that I lived in her village. But I am suck here with no hope of ever getting to live there. So I guess I'll just have to get my English fix from her blog.

Great Blog for us Mommies!

My good friend & her cousin just started this blog. It's called Mommin' It Up! It's all about life as a mom & includes some very humurous stories that many of us mommies can relate to. Check it out & let me know what you think!