Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Newest Product & my Fav!

I am finally getting around to selling my signature Kimonos. I just love kimonos on little ones. They are so cute! I have been making them for my daughter & friends for a while & I finally got around to listing one in my store. I just love it & I have had lots of complements already! Of course the adorable model helps too! Thanks Shantel!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Summation if my Daughter in One Picture

This one picture sums up just about everything there is to know about my Stinkpot. Nevermind the fact that she can't read. It wouldn't matter anyway.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Look what I found in my kitchen!

There is a stool in our kitchen that I now have to keep on the back of the stove so that K will stay out of stuff. Well this particular morning I forgot to put it away before she got up. This is the result.

These PJ's are the cutest!

I saw these on Etsy a few weeks ago & fell in love with them! I just love Heather Ross's fabric & the bycicles bring back memories! It was finally cool enough last week for her to wear them & I couldn't help myself but to take a few pics. She of course didn't want to cooperate but I managed to snap some anyway. So here is a pick of my Stinkpot in these adorable pajamas! They are made by Heather Hale Designs & I totally want her to make me some more!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Running & headbanging just don't mix

I discovered last night that running & headbanging don't mix. It is very hard to headbang & run (at least on the treadmill) at the same time. I kept getting disoriented each time my head would come back up. Then my feet want to run to the same rhythm my head was banging to & that doesn't work so well either. I am surprised I didn't fall flat on my face & fly off the treadmill! So just as a warning to all you metal headbanging runners out there. Don't try to do both at the same time!