Monday, November 12, 2007

The twins are here!

Well actually they were born 2 weeks ago. But I have been such a horrible friend that I haven't even posted about it yet! They are absolutely adorable! Danielle did great during the delivery despite the 4 hour lapse between Gabe's birth and Esther's. Praise the Lord she did not have to have a c-section! Grant is adjusting to life as an older brother but I think he really enjoys having 2 babies! Kate got to see them for the first time last week. She was loving it! I literally had to pry the tiny things from her arms. She kept saying "No Mine!" She really wanted to take them both home with her.

Well Danielle, I gotta hand it to ya. You made being pregnant & giving birth to twins look like a piece of cake! God bless you all!