Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who wouldn't want this?

I know it has been ages since I have posted on here. Bad, bad Jessica. And to top it off this isn't even a real post but a lame attempt to win a $100 gift card to the Gap.

Check it out!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Thoroughly enjoying my time off now that I am done & graduated!Playing in the rain with Kate is time well spent!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

30 Days! Easy!

Well folks I made it! 30 days without sugar! I lost 5 pounds & some waistage. I wish that I had taken measurements before so I could know for sure how many inches I lost but I did manage to go down a jean size! I like the way I feel without sugar in my body. It just feels better.

Friday was Duane's birthday and since Saturday was my 30th day he said we could wait till Sunday to celebrate with his annual Ritter's Frozen Custard Turtle Pie. I had a piece today and I feel like crap. All bloated and blaah. I had already decided to stick with the no sugar but this just solidifies it for me. I'm sure from time to time I'll have a cookie or two but for the most part sugar is no longer a part of my diet. I just need to make this a permanent change for my own health.

Oh, by the way. Only 5 more weeks of school! I graduate May 1st! I am so ready to be done!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sugar is the devil!

I have had a long love affair with sugar. It has been going on for years & I have finally had enough. I am tired of the control it has over me. I have decided to go without sugar for 30 days. I'm on day two.

I figured 30 days isn't all that long. But it means no cookies, except maybe these, cake (which I'm not a big fan of anyway), candy (same, not a big fan) and ice cream. No more Grogg lattes from Boston Stoker. I'll just have to settle for Highlander grogg.

I'm feeling pretty confidant right now. We'll see where I'm at in a couple of days. I feel sorry for my family who will have to live with me through withdrawal. I do have my cousin's wedding reception coming up in a couple of weeks. I have decided that I will allow myself one thing if I want it. I'll keep you posted on how I am doing! Wish me luck!

Monday, February 22, 2010


I have it BAD! I am so ready to be done. Only 10 more weeks & one of those is spring break. I keep telling myself I can do anything for 10 weeks. But I don't feel like I can. I have no desire to do homework anymore. I feel scatterbrained & I am forgetting things that I wouldn't usually forget. I am so wrapped up in finishing my internship that I have time for little else.

I told myself that I wouldn't get stressed out about trying to finish two semesters of internship in one. But I am. I want to be done SO badly that I can't stand the thought of not trying hard enough and putting in enough time to finish on time. At the same time I have no desire to do so. Does that make sense?

At this point I am only there for the sole purpose of getting enough hours to finish on time. Trouble is part of those hours must be with clients and right now I am getting very few client hours. The weather has something to do with it. That & I can't control when people will and will not show up for their appointments. At least half the time they don't show. I'm scared that that is what will keep me from finishing. Something I have no control over. I'm slightly okay with having to continue my internship into next semester for a week or two if I need the client hours but I am not okay with much more than that.

Sorry, I don't mean to sound so negative. But I just needed to vent. I just needed to put the words to paper and hopefully give my brain some relief. At least until the next time I start ruminating about it and can't stop. Ha ha! I sound like one of my clients!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


So our big decision was regarding a house. It had exactly what we needed & the location was pretty good too. Still in our neighborhood but on a better street. The thing was we were going to have to give our house back to the bank in order to move. We weren't thrilled about that but the house was a foreclosure with very little to no work that needed to be done to it and we would have to act fast. So we made an offer and waited. And waited, and waited. We finally got a call Friday that our offer was not accepted. Bummer. Apparently there were several offers. But on the bright side we don't have to deal with the stress of giving back the house. The bad side is we must continue to live squashed into our tiny house with the prospect of it taking MONTHS to sell our house. I know God has something better in store for us but now I have to be patient! Augh!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Decisions Decisions

Aagh! We have a HUGE decision to make over the next day or two. Somewhat life changing. Praying about obviously. But there is so much uncertainty. I'll update when we have an answer. In the mean time any prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

R.I.P. Goldspeed

Goldspeed committed suicide today. I should have seen it coming. He has attempted suicide before. Only to be foiled by Elijah's timely entrance into the room where he found him floundering on top of the dresser. This time there was no hope. He made sure it worked. He jumped behind the dresser where he could not be seen. And in fact it took us several minutes to locate him because he was covered in so much dust he just looked like a fish shaped dust bunny (yeah, that's right. I don't clean behind our dressers very often).

Oh, the tears. Who would have thought. I mean he had long outlived his brothers and sisters (all but one that is) who were all dead within a few weeks of arriving at our humble abode. Heads were buried into my shoulder with large alligator tears soaking my shirt. With requests of buying a new fish interrupted by loud sobs.

Services were held promptly in the bathroom and officiated by me.


Over the last few years I have changed.


Mostly for the good :)

One thing I have been wanting to change for a while is my store name. I have grown out of the Pumpkin Head phase and no longer have the desire to sew the baby items I was selling in my PHBC store. So this week I made the decision to close the store. Whew! What a load off of my mind. I know it sounds insignificant but I put alot of time and effort into that store, well at one point in time I did anyway. But it had been months since I had added anything new, all my listings had expired and I did not want to renew them.

About a year and a half ago I opened another store Pumpkin Head etc, with the intent of selling handmade things for everyone else. Then last January I discovered how much more fun (and easier) it can be to sell vintage. Vintage doesn't really fit with the Pumpkin Head name. But I didn't want to open up another store & at the time I was unable to change the name of the store I had. Well, (this is exciting) I recently found out that at some point this year you will be able to change your user name on Etsy! Hooray! Just what I needed. Now I get to change my store name & I don't have to restart my store!

This is basically just a heads up. Over the next couple of months I will be gradually changing things, including my blog, over to my new store name Glenna & Joy. An homage to my grandmothers. The new store will be vintage and handmade. Perfect.