Sunday, February 21, 2010


So our big decision was regarding a house. It had exactly what we needed & the location was pretty good too. Still in our neighborhood but on a better street. The thing was we were going to have to give our house back to the bank in order to move. We weren't thrilled about that but the house was a foreclosure with very little to no work that needed to be done to it and we would have to act fast. So we made an offer and waited. And waited, and waited. We finally got a call Friday that our offer was not accepted. Bummer. Apparently there were several offers. But on the bright side we don't have to deal with the stress of giving back the house. The bad side is we must continue to live squashed into our tiny house with the prospect of it taking MONTHS to sell our house. I know God has something better in store for us but now I have to be patient! Augh!

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