Saturday, June 30, 2007

I am so done with Ebay!

I haven't shopped on Ebay too much this season. I decided today to try & find some jeans for Kate for this fall. Just to get a head start on things. I forgot how absurdly high the shipping charges could be! It just burns me up to see people charging as much as $8.95 for parcel post shipping for a pair of 2T jeans! Come on what a rip off! They could be shipped 1st class for around $3 or so. Listing after listing of outrageous shipping charges. Most of the sellers were charging more for parcel post than it costs to ship priority! I might as well buy them new! In most cases by the time I paid that ridiculous shipping charge I can get them for new if I wait for a sale!

Ooh it just makes me so mad to see people ripping others off. And the thing is, there are people on Ebay who are stupid enough to pay that. Therein lies the problem. People are dumb enough to pay $8.95 to ship a pair of baby jeans. So those jerks selling them keep raising their shipping rates. I may still buy the occasional item on there but shipping has to be cheap!

And of course I will still sell outgrown clothes & such but you will NEVER see me over charge for shipping!

Ebay needs to make some SERIOUS changes in it's shipping policies!


April said...

*stands up and applauds*

I hear ya! I used to addicted to Ebay, but anymore it's just not worth it. (Both as a seller and buyer).

Atleast there's always Goodwill and yard sales! (And no outrageous shipping fees!)

Mommin' It Up! said...

FOR REAL!! Ebay is out, Craigslist is in! I too am sick of people gouging on shippin!

SparkleMe! said...

I know what you mean! I have compiled a favorite seller's list and usually only buy from them as I can depend on their services and shipping costs.

I feel that ebay has raised their fees so many darn times that sellers are marking up the shipping just to break even. I blame ebay or as many call them Greedbay!!