Monday, June 25, 2007

My first try at felting

Ok so I have been wanting to try felting for a little while. As if I don't have enough to do right! I finally got around to trying it today, with varying results. This is my first "ball" if you will. I use that term very loosely. Looks more like a little turd on the CPF, of course the color doesn't really help. Mind you I tried this before I read the directions. I was having a male moment.

So I tried again, this time trying a different technique but still choosing not to read the directions, yet another male moment :) Looks like more poo, doesn't it!

Ok so it is at this point that I realize I am waisting my wool & I need to read the directions, so I go back to my computer & slowly read the directions a couple of times. Then back to the sink to try again.

Look! 3rd time is a charm! It's not perfect but hey! For the first time (sorta) I think it turned out pretty good! There was a strange tag of wool hanging off of it that I ended up just cutting off. I hope that I didn't ruin the whole thing by doing that. I guess we will see.
Now the waiting game. I guess it can take a couple of days to dry completely. Guess I'll have to wait to make more to make sure it turns out ok. This is going to be fun!

1 comment:

April said...

As a mom (and one familar with both prefolds and newborn poo)... EWWW at the first 2 pictures. LOL!

I think your ball looks great though!

Kudos for trying something new! I'd love to learn how to felt.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress. :-)