Saturday, September 27, 2008

Feeling Crafty and Chocolaty!

Today is the Chocolate Festival here in town. This is the only reason I go. To die for! And that's right folks, that's a buckeye on top of there! Could you ask for anything more?

As for the crafty part, I took the kids to see WALL E at the cheap theater yesterday. Afterward I went to Joann's & found these lovely fabrics to make fall clothes for Kate.

This one is by far my favorite. It's a linen blend in a smoky brown with turquoise stripes. The pictures don't do it justice. It was all ready on clearance for $4.00/yd & since there wasn't a full yard (only 35") I got it for the remnant price of 50% off so it was $2.00!

On the way home the van we are borrowing overheated so I had to pull over & wait in a parking lot for about 30 minutes for my dad to bring me some antifreeze. I compiled this long list of things to make for Kate out of the fabric I bought. Guess I should get busy if I want to get any of this done before spring!

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