Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Don't get me wrong. The whole day wasn't horrible. But that pretty much sums up how we felt yesterday. I'll explain why.

The day stared well enough. The usual antics of trying to get everyone ready for church were going on. The kids were soon ready & Duane & I were getting things together & working our way towards the door when I heard screaming. Terrible, Horrible tears pouring down face screaming. I looked out the front door to where the kids were & saw Kate down on all fours at the bottom of the porch stairs crying. Turns out the boys as Seth put it were "Practicing their jumping skills." Kate decided to practice hers too only she didn't land so well. Her finger was covered in blood. I took her inside to clean her up. After washing of most of the blood I noticed the tip of her finger was purple & blood was coming out both sides & the bottom of the tip of her finger. I am not sure what she cut it on but for a few minutes until she would actually let us touch it, we thought she may have sliced the tip of her finger off. It ended up looking bad enough that I felt I had to take her to urgent care, just in case it might need stitches. Duane decided I could take her & he would take the boys to church in the truck. This is the point where the day gets terrible & horrible.

We have recently had numerous break ins to our truck. So tired of having to fork out a deductible every time someone breaks in my husband keeps nothing in the truck & leaves it unlocked. Well, Saturday night not only did someone break in but they hung out. There were at least 2 of them. They leaned the seats back, hung out, smoked & left ashes on our dashboard & worst of all they ripped the steering column & dash to shreds. They were trying REALLY hard to steal it. So hard that they damaged the ignition to the point that we can't even get a key in it to start it. I actually wish they had stolen it. Then maybe they would have totaled it & we could have gotten a new(er) car out of it. Duane ended up staying home to wait for the police & no one went to church.

Kate's finger is ok. She didn't need stitches. It is just a weird cut that goes from one side of her finger tip to the other just under the surface of the skin. She does have a nice goose egg on her forehead though. The truck not so much. And someone else broke in last night! HELP! Anyone want to buy a house?

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amy said...

wow, what a day! - and the browns lost...