Sunday, September 7, 2008

NOW it is Fall

Fall doesn't truly start around here until the Greek Festival & the Italian Festival. Both of which are going on this weekend! I wait all year for this weekend! To start off the festivities Kate & I walked to the Greek festival (in the rain & it was so worth it) Friday to get a box of yummy pastries & spinach & cheese pies ( Tiropitakia) for lunch. My favorite is the Walnut Rolls although I don't know what their official Greek name is. Kate likes Baklava (who doesn't) as well as the Kadaifi and like her mom, the Walnut Rolls. The boys enjoyed their Baklava too. It was all devoured by Saturday evening!
Saturday morning we joined my family for breakfast at the park. We all met at a local park, including Great Grandma & Grandpa, & cooked breakfast on the grill. We used to do this frequently growing up. It brought back so many memories. New memories were certainly made this time. Including Elijah falling into the lake! Not to worry he was quickly rescued & no worse for the wear although he was quite wet!
My kids & all but one of my nieces & nephews. This picture was not staged. Five of them are watching a train go by on the other side of the lake & the other one (Kate go figure) is just being difficult.

I managed to sneak a rare picture of my elusive husband. Although he still managed to hide his face in the shadows, very sneaky of him.
Sadly between homework and an order to fill I ended up being too busy to go to the Italian festival. However, my parents were kind enough to bring us back some cannolis! Yum! The weekend continued to prove eventful on Sunday but I'll save that for the next post.

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