Tuesday, September 30, 2008

See, I like to keep things interesting...

I also like to keep my family on their toes. I see it as practice in case there is a real emergency. Today's exercise? Locking my keys in the van we are borrowing, both of them. Yes that's right. I locked both keys that belong to the van in the van today. Several cell phone calls to my mom, husband, dad, van owner and various locksmiths later we were finally able to track down an extra key. Whew, because the cheapest lock smith I could find was someone who was literally two blocks down the street from where I was and he was going to charge me $60.00! One guy I called said and I quote
Guy: "Where is your car?"
Me: "Beavercreek"
Guy: "Yeah, I don't feel like coming out there today."
Me: speechless

Some people are just too nice for words.

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