Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Won't Forget

We all know what today is. September 11. Seven years ago today our nation was attacked and 2,974 died. I remember that morning. I was 6 months pregnant with Seth. I had taken my car to the shop that morning and when my mom dropped me off at home I went to turn on the TV to watch the news. Only it wasn't the news I was expecting. I remember thinking "What movie is this? Isn't it a little early for a movie?" As I sat there trying to figure out what I was watching I saw it. The second plane. I saw it fly right into the second building as if the building was not even there. And then to hear that there were two more planes, who's heroic passengers sacrificed themselves to save thousands of people. There were alot of tears that day. Not only from me but from millions of other people around the world, and lots of questions.
We all claim that we will never forget. But I remember when they used to televise the reading of each name and dedicated the whole morning to remembering that horrific day. Today I turned on the news hoping to see such an event. But I didn't. There was a moment of silence when the first plane hit and a few more minutes of remembering, then nothing. I switched channels hoping at least one of the major channels would be showing a ceremony. Good Morning America had the above mentioned event, CBS was interviewing a family at the Pentagon and the Today Show was making dessert bars. That's right dessert bars. Oh, they mentioned the days events as if it was a small blip in the days happenings. None of the stations even broke in for the 9:03 anniversary of the second plane. I was appalled by the whole thing. Apparently the media can forget. At least when it is part of their liberal agenda to keep this nation forgetting about what we are really fighting for over in Iraq. Not to worry I will never forget and hopefully neither will millions of other Americans. God Bless you all on this sad anniversary of a truly horrific event.


Mike and Amy said...

thank you for this post.

amy said...

Fox News had a 19 minute tribute to the events on their show. I lasted about a minute or two and had to turn it off because I started balling my eyes out.