Friday, September 5, 2008


I finally had my garage sale yesterday. I have been planning it & putting it off ALL summer long. Since it was so late in the garage sale season I actually splurged & bought a news paper add in our major news paper & boy did it pay off! I had the sale at my sister's house so she decided to include stuff too so actually we split the cost of the add, which also included an online add for free. I also advertised on Craigslist, again free:)
Of course I had quite a bit of major stuff to get rid of. A huge set of dishes, high chair, swing, double stroller, lots of new clothes still with the tags on them! And tons of frames! I sold everything I really wanted to get rid of except the double stroller. I had one lady that bought $28 worth of kids clothes & then came back with more $ and bought another $34 worth of clothes! So from her alone I made $62! All in all the whole thing was a success, I made $286, but $16 of that goes towards my news paper add. I can't complain! The best part is I have a friend who is having another sale next week. So everything that didn't sell yesterday gets another chance to a whole new group of people! Don't you just love garage sales!

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