Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why I am NOT voting for Obama

I am pretty much fed up with hearing about the election. I am sooo glad that it is only a week away. Anytime there is a commercial on I turn the channel or turn it off. So lately me T.V. has been spending alot more time off. Which is a good thing anyway. But because I live in Ohio I am getting bombarded with phone calls from one candidate or the other as well as for many of the local issues. On the way to school the other morning I heard an add that did not mention specific names but basically was saying that "If there is one thing this election shouldn't be about it is prejucide." (or racism I can't remember which word it used) So apparently if you are not voting for Osama I mean Obama, you are prejudice! Well then I guess I am prejudice! Nevermind the fact that the color of his skin has absolutetly NOTHING to do with why I am not voting for him.

The man has no experience, he wants to turn this country into a socialist country where the government takes money from the rich & gives it to the poor, thus creating an even larger and more pathetic group of Americans who will allow I mean depend on the government to support them. He approves of partial birth abortions, which if anyone knew what really happens during a partial birth apportion and still thinks it should be legal has no respect for humanity and no heart. He also approves of redefining marriage. God clearly states that marriage is to be between a MAN and a WOMAN and we have no business redefining that.

I have to be honest I am scared to death of the outcome of this elevtion. So many people are blinded by the smooth talking and shouts for "Change!" I can only pray that people will open their eyes and see what this man is really about and be smart enough not to vote for him.

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amy said...

amen, amen, amen!!
i am SO sick of hearing about racism being why people won't vote for obama. what about all the racists that are voting for him because he IS black and only because of that?