Thursday, August 30, 2007

PA here I come!

So my hubby & I went to PA this weekend to visit some friends. It was so peaceful & relaxing. They live in a quaint little town. The kind of place where not only can you keep your doors unlocked when your not home but you can leave your car unlocked & the keys in the ignition & no one will bother it.

Compared to my lovely city where on Monday night, the night we returned, we were rudely woken up by the sound of gunfire a few houses down at 12:50 am.

Tuesday night it was my neighbor's HORRIBLY obnoxious car alarm blasting at 3:30 am. I mean this has got to be the WORST car alarm EVER! It goes off for no reason at least 3-4 times a week and ALWAYS during the middle of the night. Although it's not as bad as it used to be. It used to go off EVERY night! It must be getting to him too because when I was leaving yesterday I noticed a For Sale sign in the window of the car!

Wednesday night we woke to the sounds of my other neighbor having a fight in his front yard. Yelling, screaming, banging, swearing. Actually I don't think there were any words used that were not swear words. Can we say "Police on speed dial!" This of course happened at 3:50 am a mere 3 hours before I am supposed to get up. aargh.

So long story short I am ready to go back to the peaceful small town in PA and stay there. I am packing my bags as we speak! If only it were that easy.

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