Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Naptime for a 2 yr old is not just for naps!

It's just me & the Stinkpot home now. Since both the boys are in school all day (yeah) But now that she doesn't have her brothers to pick on all day she chooses to get into EVERYTHING! She is currently choosing naptime to get into the MOST trouble but she still saves plenty for the rest of the day. For example
Monday Naptime: After hearing some thumping around for a while I heard K crying so I went upstairs to check on her. She had opened S's eczema cream tube & emptied the entire thing ( it was almost a new tube) all over her. It was all over her shirt, chest, legs, face, neck. It was up her nose & all around her mouth & eyes. So I smack her leg & told her no firmly & we set to trying to wash all this greasy thick lotion off of her. She still smells like the lotion.

Tuesday: Non stop orneriness. Too many to mention. Woke her up from her nap to go pick up the boys from school to find her completely naked! Thankfully no poops!

Wednesday: Found her in the bathroom this morning eating the boys toothpaste. It was
covering her face & again up her nose & all around her eyes & all over the front of her. It too was a brand new tube of toothpaste. Now she smells like berry fruity toothpaste (yuck)

Naptime: It was suspiciously quite after I laid her down. There is usually some sort of thumping around as she settles in. This time none of that. So I knew she was up to something. As I opened her door she started whimpering. I looked up & found out why she had been so quite & why she was whimpering. She was in E's bed (all 3 share a room, the boys in a bunk bed & K in her own bed) COVERED in Boudreaux's butt paste! She guiltily looked down at her bed which was also covered in butt paste! As I looked around I noticed both boy's beds were covered in butt paste too! And yes it too was a brand new tube! It took me almost a half an hour to clean that stuff off of her. It was even in her ears! As well as all of the places mentioned before! Aaauugh! She now smells like a lovely combination of eczema lotion, berry toothpaste,
Boudreaux's butt paste & two different kids of baby wash & shampoo!

She is currently asleep but God only knows what she will get into once she gets up. And then there is tomorrow & the rest of the school year! Help! I think I would rather have all 3 of them home! Will there ever be an end to this madness? Lord, help me!


Mommin' It Up! said...

OH MY GOSH Jess! You need to be a guest blogger on Mommin' It Up with that one!! What a crazy girl!

CozyMoments said...

Ahhhhh the terrible twos. I feel your pain! ;) Our little one will be turning 5 in December but ohhhhh do I remember when she was 2, and 3! I think the third year was worse than when she was 2.

Slow, deep breaths. :)

Take care,

Pumpkin Head Baby Co said...

The 3rd year can be worse than the 2nd? Both of my boys had terrible 3's instead of 2's. I guess I assumed that you could only be blessed with one year or the other. Not both! Tears running down face.

Nicole said...

How do we get anything done?! I know I feel that way with my ten month old. He is constantly in to something. I always said with my four year old, when he was little, that he would be in the exersaucer until he was fourteen because that's the only way I could keep him out of stuff! I will say a prayer for you...and K!