Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Is she ready!?

So I just spent a good amount of $ on some AIO cloth diapers. Some are new & some aren't so I didn't spend tons of dough on them but still... Anyway my Stinkpot decided last week that she does not want to wear cloth diapers. So she takes them off all the time. I told her that's fine but if she's not going to wear a diaper she has to pee in the potty. "O.K"! She says gleefully! Whatever it takes mom to be able to run around naked! Only she hasn't been peeing in the potty but on the floor! Thank goodness for hardwood floors! Skip to today.

We were out all morning & into the early afternoon. I had put a disposable diaper on her before we left b/c I am not daring enough to venture out in a cloth diaper. Anyway when we got home it was nap time so I wen to change her & it was COMPLETELY dry! Yeah! Since she was dry & had been drinking the whole time we were out I knew she must really have to go. So I asked her if she wanted to go potty. She new I was getting ready to put a AIO on her & then send her to bed for her "nap" so she said "Yes, Mommy, potty" Of course I am thinking yeah right, anything so she can put off naptime for a little while longer.

We walk to the bathroom & I placed her sweet little toosh on the toilet. Most little ones who don't have much experience on the big potty would freak out & cry if you don't hold onto them while they are perched precariously on the pot. But not K. The first thing she says as I am holding on to her chunky thighs is "No, Mommy, no" as she is pushing my hands away. What a stinker! She quickly tinkles a little & then exclaims that she has poopied (her word for anything pertaining to going potty) Not much but hey she did it! I then forced her to get off b/c I too had to go! As soon as I was done she wanted back on. So I placed her back on the pot & that girl peed! I mean she peed more than I did! Whoohoo! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! But wait. I just spend quite a few bucks on new cloth diapers! What a Stinkpot!

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