Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Marriage Meme

Jenny from Mommin' It Up tagged me. So here are 8 things about my marriage

1. I met my husband when I was 18. We dated VERY briefly about 6 months after we met & then broke up, deciding we were better off as friends. About 6 months after that He decided he wanted to get back together & 3 months later we were married!

2. We almost eloped but my Mom found out & wasn't to happy about it so we decided to wait & do it "right".

3. I was 19 when we got married he was 23.

4. We got married at my parents house & I was barefoot because I couldn't find any shoes that went with my dress that didn't make me taller than him.

5. We have never had a honeymoon but dream of taking one to Australia & New Zealand, someday...

6. One of the best things I remember us doing together was going to see the Lord of the Rings Trilogy when Return of the King was released. We got to watch the first 2 extended editions in the theater & then we got to be one of the first to see the Return of the King. It was an all day event & by the end of the night my butt was pretty sore but it was totally worth it!

7. The first car we bought together was a 95 Mustang GT. My hubby had always wanted one so I sorta bought it for him. Four years later when we had to sell it because we had a kiddo on the way I was the one who cried, not my husband. Although in my defense I will say that I was 8 months pregnant at the time!

8. MANY people tried to tell us that it wasn't a good idea to get married. They said we wouldn't make it. Well it will be 11 years this October & we are more in love now than we were when we got married so Ha!

So now I tag Chubby Baby Designs, Sparkle Me Designs & Enchanted Dandelions

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Etsy Bead said...

I've so enjoyed reading your blog! I am a fellow etsymom. I cracked up reading the naptime stories! You are a very good writer! I could almost feel that gooey butt paste all over me! Ha! I had 4 kids under age 5. Naptime was always such a hassle but one thing I never relented on. I ended up laying down alongside my kids until they fell asleep, then I would sneak out. They always thought I was sleeping with them...pretty tricky, I know. You do whatcha gotta do! My home was always "out of order" from 1 - 3 p.m. every day...friends knew not to call during that was my one breather in the day. My son also had that crazy hair! STill does! At age 19 - I'd love to send you a photo. My kids also went to Christian school since we lived in the St. Louis city limits and school there stink. BUT we got no vouchers and I have fought for too many years for school still fried me that we have no money now for college because it all went to provate schools. Anyways, I hope to get to know you better at etsymom and maybe you can tell me more about e-mail is