Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Son's beautiful hair!

My boys go to a Christian school. Which I am so thankful for. And even more thankful that state vouchers pay for their tuition. Otherwise I would be home schooling which I don't want to do. We live in the inner city & there is NO WAY I would EVER send my kids to school in our school district. Anyway, the bad thing about the school they go to is the dress code. Not the dress code itself (they have uniforms) But the hair dress code.

My oldest son was blessed with his mother's thick curly hair. He loves to grow it out in the summer (thanks to his heavy metal dad). And I love his long curly locks! But for school, boys can't have their hair touch their collar, at least part of ears must be showing & it can't be in their eyes. Which means my son's hair has to go :( Come on. Does it really matter how long their hair is? It's not like they are less of a Christian b/c they have long hair. Aargh. I could go on. But instead I'll share with you my son's beautiful hair, before & after.

Today was the first day of school so here he is ready for 1st gr with his hair cut short. And might I add it is looking kinda goofy.

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