Monday, July 28, 2008

Teusday Mail

Have you ever noticed how nothing good ever comes in the Tuesday mail? It's like the post office has this secret rule that the Tuesday mail has to suck. No packages, cards or postcards can be delivered on this day. Only bills and junk. I am anxiously awaiting a package full of yummy fabric. I was REALLY hoping it would come today since it was shipped over the weekend and it usually takes two days to get here from there. But do you think it came? No of course not. What DID I get in my mail today? A radio shack add (which I don't shop at) a Bed bath & beyond coupon (which again, I don't shop at) A flyer for a local credit union (which I am not a member of) and a pre-approval for some crappy auto insurance. Yeah! Can you hear the excitement in my voice? On a happier note FedEx did deliver a pair of shoes I just ordered from Zappos. But more on those later!

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