Sunday, July 20, 2008

Midnight Visitors

Thursday night after work I was up late working on homework. I heard some animal noises coming from the backyard. I turned on the floodlight to investigate and found these 4 little creatures.Taking a dip in the pool they also deflated. But they were so cute. Then one of the babies got in trouble and Mom shooed him out of the pool. That was rather funny. Seeing this little raccoon being put in time out. I wished now that I had had the sense to record their interaction in the pool instead of taking pictures. They watched me through the window for a minute or two. Till my husband managed to scare them off with a b-b gun. Don't worry he didn't injure any of them he just scared them away.

1 comment:

Mike and Amy said...

raccoon time out - too funny!

once when we were camping, mike scared a raccoon away with a log for the fire while managing to injure it in the process. our friends were simultainiously amused and horrified (as was i).