Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oh, my goodness! Wednesday Finds!

The school where I went to high school was sold to the local public school district about 5 years ago. The building itself it close to 100 years old and also was originally an all girls catholic high school. Well the public school only used the building for about 2 1/2 years while they were renovating another building. So for the past year and a half or so the building has just sat empty. So sad that the school district has let this beautiful old building sit and rot. Anyway, on Wednesday they had an auction for all the contents inside the buildings. I couldn't help but go just to see what the school looked like now.
Of course it was FILTHY! And there were all these sweaty old men DRAGGING huge metal cabinets down the flights of stairs scratching the nice old granite floors all the way down. Then dragging them down the hallways. Oh it was more than I could bare. I had to turn away. Thoughts of my own two feet walking down those same staircases and hallways was too much. And to see that floor destroyed without a thought.
I didn't have my camera with me but my dad was there & he took some pics so as soon as I get them I'll add them. Elijah was with me and was enjoying walking the halls with me. I pointed out all the rooms I used to have class in. Where my locker was, my homeroom, told him about some of the ornery things I did that I probably shouldn't have. It's a good thing he is too young to remeber those things for when he gets into high school. Hopefully he won't be able to say "Mom, remember when you did.... when you were in high school?"
There are 2 buildings that are attached by a walkway. The second building was an elementary school when I went there and the art rooms were in the basement of that building. No one was over there & I literally had not been in that building in 13 years. Am I showing my age? I wanted Elijah to see the art rooms so we adventured into the 2 building and down to the basement. When we walked into the doorway of the building I found this.
My dad, who is a school administrator, later told me that he would have loved to buy it to sit in front of the principals office. What a hoot!
But the REAL treasure was what I found in the ceramics room downstairs.
These 2 vintage metal lawn chairs!

Just sitting there amidst a bunch of dusty objects. Forgotten yet not lonely because there are two of them. And such a lovely color of yellow. Of course I knew I had to have them!
The basement was last on the list of things to be auctioned off so I moved them to the walkway so they would be sold quicker! He he! The auction company actually told me I could do that. Who knew! I ended up having to leave so I told my dad to bid on them. I was willing to spend $30 total (they were being sold as a pair). I was hoping that by moving them I had thrown anyone off who had seen them in the basement & would miss them.
I don't know if that strategy worked or not but I got those chairs! Guess how much! $9.00! WHOOT WHOOT! 9 bucks! For BOTH! Now they do need some work & I have already but a little elbow grease into them but can't you just see the potential! Now if I can just decide what color to paint them. I'm thinking a nice retro turquoise but the original color seems to be yellow so I may go with that too. Decisions, decisions...


Nicole said...

Oh those just took me down memory lane. I could see it all as you described it. How sad...I can't believe how they just let historical buildings rot and would rather work out of new construction. I know it can be cheaper...but what about the character and architecture of the old buildings. okay, let me get off of that rant.

Those chairs are a great find! Yay for you!

Paula Prass said...

$9.00 for both? Unbelievable! I like that they aren't identical. I've only been to one auction many years ago. My husband and I stopped at one with another couple who were visiting us about 25 years ago. We were fascinated by it all. Then our friend raised his hand to ask a question and became the instant owner of 2 Cabbage Patch Dolls!

Pumpkin Head Baby Co said...

Paula that is hysterical! I once went to an auction looking for an antique fan and came home with an piano instead!