Friday, August 21, 2009


Note to self: Do not share coffee with Seth again.

Last night was meet the teacher night at school. We had some time to kill beforehand so the boys & I headed to Boston Stoker to get a cool drink. Seth was having a hard time deciding what to get. I finally offered to just share my grogg latte with him & he happily obliged.

I offered to let Seth carry our drink out to the car. When we reached the car I noticed that Seth had greedily slurped up about 2/3 of OUR drink!
"Seth!" I said. "That was supposed to be for us to share."
"Oh" said Seth, "I didn't realize I drank so much." was his excuse.

From there we went to school to meet their new teachers. Let me tell you. I had no idea caffeine affected Seth that way. He was BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS! And not just the walls. The floor, doors, desk, drinking fountains, couch, air, sidewalk. You name it if he came into contact with it he was BOUNCING off of it. I tried to reassure his new teacher (1st year might I add) that he was not normally like this. I'm not convinced she believed me.

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