Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And Their Off!

First day of school! I made it!

I couldn't believe how smiley Seth was this morning. The last two years there have been tears about having his picture taken on the first day of school and I am lucky to get one good picture out of the lot. But this year he was all smiles. He doesn't care for school all that much and at first I wasn't sure what was bringing on the smiles. But I think I figured out why he was so happy. It's because he now gets to spend his days away from Kate. Yep, that's it. I am sure of it.


amy said...

wow, what a cute (i mean handsome) pic!
hope the first day went well.

Allison said...

Cute boys! Thanks for stopping by, i would love to list the fabrics for you...except I don't know the names of a lot of them. I got some of them from a scrap bag and I'm not even sure what they are called! Thanks for saying hi -Allison