Sunday, August 3, 2008

Friday's Mail

Friday's mail was MUCH better than Tuesday's mail! I got my fabric & some books I ordered from Amazon! I Love Dirt! and Amy Butler's new book. Although I have to admit I was a little disappointed in Amy's book. There were a couple of clothing items I knew would be in it that I wanted to make for Kate. Well the patterns are only up to size 9-12 months. The pictures and products are lovely and you really get ALOT for your $ with this book. But had I known that about the sizes I probably would not have purchased it. Oh well. But back to my fabric!

I opened the box and found yards of this lovely fabric I ordered. Heather Bailey's Pop Garden! Of course this picture doesn't do it justice.

My sister also ordered some of Heather's Bailey's yummy fabrics along with a couple other brightly colored prints & we shipped them together to save shipping. Here is what she got! I am thinking that since she is currently out of the country that by default that makes the fabric mine. What do you think?

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