Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh, lovely coat where art thou?

I can't remember the last time I bought a new coat. Perhaps before I had kids? Yikes! That HAS been a while. Each year I start out very enthusiastic in my search for the PERFECT coat. And each year I come through the winter empty handed. I haven't even worn a coat the last 2 winters. A hoodie under my denim jacket has worked quite well for me. Although I must say it is quite lacking in the style department. Last year I decided to just abandon my search and just go with the denim hoodie look. The one thing wrong with that is that you can't dress that up. No matter how hard you try. Not even the vintage broach given to me by my grandma could make that ensemble sing.

This is my last week before school starts again for the lot of us. I am without a car as a friend backed into ours and it is in the body shop for the week. So feeling quite sorry for myself I decided to visit my dear friend Boden. Boden is one of those friends who I frequently talk to online and who sends plenty of pretty photos & letters but very rarely visits personally. I decided that I wasn't feeling bad enough and I needed to reinstate my search for the perfect coat. Then just as if God had opened the heavens and shined a light right on it I saw it. Beautiful, warm, stylish & lovely and only $198! What! ONLY? I have never spent that much on a single article of clothing, essential coat or otherwise, in my life! I am not sure I can stomach the thought of spend $198 on a coat. But look at it. Isn't it beautiful. I can't take my eyes off of it. And such a lovely shade of red. Of course it also comes in blue. chocolate brown & pear green. I think I want one if every color!

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Jennifer Paganelli said...

Love your new your style too!!! Thanks for entering my raffle...Jennifer