Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Finds!

I went garage saleing today and found this awesome chair at the first house I stopped at! I am not sure where I am going to put it but it was only $2 and I just couldn't resist its wonderful greenness. After perusing the rest of the neighborhood and not finding much else other than an overpriced Matryoshka doll that I would have loved to add to my collection, we decided to drive to my sister's neighborhood to pick mulberries. We wanted to make a mulberry pie for my Grandpa for Father's Day. Mmm can't you just taste the combination of the sweet berries and buttery, flaky crust! I can't wait until dessert tomorrow!
Anyway when we got to her neighborhood they too were having garage sales so of course we had to shop some more. Then I found what I would consider to by my best buy. I NEW bike! For myself. I have been wanting one for years but I just didn't want to pay full price for one. This bike was only $20! Normally I wouldn't spend that much on one item at a garage sale but it was brand new! The owner got it for Christmas but had never used it. It still has the size card in the spokes of the front wheel! Yeah! Please pay no mind to the mess on the bench, I have been targeting!
After we were done picking berries I decided I wasn't ready to go home yet & we went to the market down town. Mmm, I love that place! I bought a loaf of kalamata olive & rosemary bread from a local baker, a jar of homemade hot pepper jelly (my fav!) and some homemade butterscotch oatmeal cookies (another fav!) The bread was supposed to be for Father's Day lunch tomorrow but don't tell anyone because I have already had a slice or two!

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Amber K said...

Love that chair! I drove by a really cute blue one sitting at the end of a driveway yesterday and I was like hmmm....there's no sign that says 'free' . . .but it's sitting at the end of a driveway! who does that? I should've stopped to ask. Maybe I'll go back today :) Good finds!