Sunday, June 8, 2008

3 Cake mixes, 1 dozen eggs, 7 tubs of frosting & 2 brownie mixes later

Yes, that is everything it took to successfully bake for a Spiderman birthday party. I always go all out with the cakes for my kids birthdays. They tell me the theme, we talk about what they want the cake to be & I deliver some pretty fun cakes. This time Elijah wanted a Spiderman birthday. We discussed a few cake options and finally decided on a city scene where spiderman is fighting a bad guy in the midst of buildings made of cake. Simple right! I had the toys for the spiderman & bad guys so all I had to do was make the cake. Well it didn't quite happen as planned.
I baked 3 sheet cakes & cut them up & made "buildings" out of them by layering them. There were 6 buildings in all of various heights. The party was at my sister's house & since she has A/C and we don't I went there the night before to frost & decorate the cake. I finished the base & top layer of frosting & then went home. My plan was to come back in the morning, frost on the windows, make the streets & add Spidey.
8:30 in the morning my sister calls. The conversation went something like this.
A: "What exactly is the cake supposed to look like?" (She wasn't home the night before so didn't see me working on it)

D: "Well, it is several buildings on a street." (My husband had answered the phone)

A: "Um, I think it fell over."

D:(Relaying to me) "The cake fell over" (Back to A) Are you sure you are looking at it right?
Because there are supposed to be buildings on both sides of the street."

A: "No, I am pretty sure it fell over. The tall buildings are laying on the table & one of the
smaller buildings has fallen into the street. Also the icing is falling off the rest of the cakes."

This is what it looked like

It was at this point that I wanted to cry. At first I thought that I might be able to salvage it. But after calling my sister back & talking to her myself I knew that was not going to happen. By this time it was after 9:30. So here I am 3 1/2hrs away from a birthday party & I have no cake. I called my mom to see what she thought & she offered the brownie mixes. I spent the next 2 hours baking brownie cupcakes, which by the way were way better than a chocolate cake. Then I had to figure out how to decorate them in the Spidey theme using only the 2 tubs of frosting I had left & a small tube of black frosting like stuff. So 3 cake mixes, 1 dozen eggs, 7 tubs of frosting & 2 brownie mixes later this is what I ended up with.
And to top it all off it rained the entire time! But despite all the trouble & frustration Elijah had a good time was happy & even though I was disappointed in the cake & the rain, his happiness is really what matters.


Amber K said...

Okay, I promise, I'm not a stalker-commenter, but I just so relate to your cake story! My daughter wanted a Cinderella's carriage cake for her birthday this year and. . .well, I won't go into all the details, but it was basically a pink and blue lump. I got a lot of "wow. . .this cake sure, ummm, tastes good. . ."

Jennifer Paganelli said...

too cute ..what a resilient mom!!! Nice learning about you thanks for visiting...I sooo appreciate it..Jennifer