Thursday, July 2, 2009

Take Me To The Zoo

A trip to the Columbus Zoo has been in order for a while and we finally made it happen on Monday. There were many animals on our list of things to see here are just a few.
Baby Elephant ~ Check

Eagles ~ Check

Kangaroos ~ Check

Koala Bears ~ Check

Komodo Dragons ~ Check!

When we were at the koala exhibit the exhibit was full of free growing grasses some of which were quite tall. Elijah said, "I feel like I am at home with all this grass around" It was all I could do not to laugh. In case you were wondering our grass is not that tall. Duane just likes to see how long he can go without cutting it. He tends to let it go alot longer than I would.

1 comment:

Mike and Amy said...

looks like it was a blast, and that baby elephant... too cute!

we have to get together sometime this summer - braelynn is down to 1afternoon nap, so my mornings are wide open. when mike is done with classes in a couple of weeks, i'll even be able to go out kid-free!