Thursday, May 14, 2009

Making Mother's Day

For those of you who were wondering Seth's present included a paper flower and a box filled with peanut butter cups, kisses & hershey's miniatures, yum!

I decided to make Mother's Day gifts this year. I made these cute broaches for my mom, grandma & sister. I had the hardest time giving them up. In fact after mother's day lunch I went home & made one for myself. They are ridiculously easy. I got the idea from here. The card I printed out on some card stock & just pinned the broach to it. Instant present! Hmm, I'm thinking end of the year Teacher gifts! Aren't they adorable!

My mom requested a necklace & bracelet so I made these for her from some lovely Amy Butler fabric that I had been hoarding. I think I am going to have to make one of those for myself too!

My Dad and the husbands planned lunch after church on Sunday. It was yummy, with grilled pork loin, fresh green beans with browned butter, spring salad with avocado & grape tomatoes, red potatoes & ice cream brownie sundaes for dessert! The kids made up a menu and were our waiters. They took our orders & the kitchen (men) filled them. So cute. The kids really enjoy playing restaurant. After dinner we were pleasantly surprised with a visit from The Mother Day Band. They had a private concert just for us and sang three songs. Emma was the lead singer, Elijah was on the electric guitar, Madelyn the bass, Seth played the drums and Logan danced. It was so cute.

I hope your Mother's Day was as fun and loved filled as mine!

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