Friday, May 8, 2009

Can't get enough

A while back I was introduced to this artist & I instantly fell in love with his music. But life ensued & I quickly forgot about him. Last night with the kids in bed & the TV on I saw a commercial for cannon cameras that had the best song. Here it is.
Only problem is that is was written just for the commercial & is only about 50 seconds long. Which in my book is not nearly long enough. I kept playing it over & over cause I just couldn't get enough.

I was listening to it again this morning when I was reminded of Elijah. (Not my Elijah) So I googled him & once again began listening to his music. I haven't stopped since this morning. This time I am purchasing his albums so that I can listen to it everywhere. I think that will be part of my Mother's Day gift! So far I have not heard a song I don't like but this one is definitely my favorite.
A Song Of Simplicity - Funny blooper videos are here

Makes me wish we still had our piano.

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