Monday, February 23, 2009


Elijah & Seth both had birthday parties to go to on Saturday. At opposite ends of town. Duane & I were discussing who was going to take who. Elijah's was down the street from my thrift store, so you can guess which child I was quick to claim!

I had two glorious hours to peruse the stuffed shelves WITHOUT KIDS! Needless to say my cart was overflowing with fantastic finds. I did weed through them a bit before I checked out. I bought a set of vintage daisy glasses, a set of vintage mugs, vintage plates, a larger serving platter for my best friend (it matched her dish pattern), a couple of yards of red & white striped knit fabric to make something for Kate, a super soft blanket for Elijah, a felt table cloth to make a costume for a oral book report, two pairs of Gap jeans for $2.99 each!, a bracelet for me, four brand new books, a wool cropped cardigan for Kate. It is a little big for her but after I felt it it will fit perfectly! Jackpot!

This was the 2nd time I had gone back since my last post. Last time I found lots of great melamine sets & a set of 6 juice glasses for myself. I absolutely LOVE them! They are nice & sturdy. Thick heavy glass so you know they will last. The have this great rib which makes them that much more special! They were $.49 each! I wish they had a mark on them so I could possibly find some more but oh well. I recently found a couple of new (to me) thrift stores in the area. I haven't had a chance to check them out yet but I'll keep you posted!

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