Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fat Tuesday

(picture from TheAng)
I am not catholic but I do enjoy fat Tuesday. I mean who doesn't right! An excuse to eat whatever because you are going to "give it up" for the next forty days. Anyway, yesterday I ran into these little Fat Tuesday treats at the grocery store. Staring at me from their obscure red & white box. Paczki, pronounced Punch-key. A polish tradition for Fat Tuesday to use up ingredients that are not to be eaten during Lent. I have heard of them before but had never had one. They looked yummy, I was hungry so I caved.

Um, let me warn you. If you are highly susceptible to cravings and addictions read no further!

They come in 9 different fillings. Most of which sounded good (except for the prune, yuck!) I chose bavarian creme because I knew everyone else would like that filling too. I thought they might be good. But I was wrong. They were freakin' awesome! I am not a huge doughnut person but I would eat these EVERY day if I could. Of course it is a good thing that they are only available for Fat Tuesday or I would be in SERIOUS trouble. If you have never had one I strongly suggest that you run out TODAY & see if you can still get some. However, I did warn you, they are highly addictive. I am convinced that they are laced with crack or something to keep you coming back for more.

A little note. When I was telling Duane about them last night (he's out of town) he said he made the die for the box. See now I feel so much better about buying them because in a round about way I am supporting myself, or at least my husbands job!

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