Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Tree Hunting!

I love hunting down the perfect Christmas tree! It is one of my favorite things about Christmas. There is a Christmas tree farm not too far from our house that we go to every year. The kids love it because they have a family of donkeys & they too love the hunt for the elusive perfect tree!

My husband HATES this tradition. He would much rather "Go to the Dark side" and buy a FAKE tree. I would never let a fake tree in my house! Since Duane hates tree hunting so much he usually stays home and the kids & I take to the tree farm with my parents & nieces & nephews who are also searching for the perfect tree. This year I was unable to go when everyone else could go so the kids & I had to go by ourselves. I did manage to drag Duane along. He came grudgingly.

I forgot my camera though. I was so mad! Taking pictures of the kids in the old cabin and searching for the tree is just as much a part of the tradition as cutting the tree down.

As we stepped into the grove of trees I saw it! The perfect tree! My husband was elated that we had found it right away. He was ready to go before we even got there. The elation soon drained as I decided that it was too short. I proceeded to walk the entire length of the grove as Duane lagged behind pulling all 3 kids in the tree wagon. As I got to the back of the grove I realized that the first tree I saw was in fact the perfect tree. Duane was not pleased that he now had to walk all the way back to the very first tree that we saw. Don't tell him but this was my plan all along!

I got down on the ground & started sawing away. (Duane hates to cut the tree even more than he hates searching for it) I got about halfway through the trunk when the saw just stopped. Elijah wanted a turn but he too got stuck. So Duane had to get down on the ground and finish the trunk. Hee Hee it was priceless! Not only did Duane have to go on the tree hunt with us but he also had to walk most of the length of the grove pulling three kids and he had to get down on the ground and help cut! Now do you see why I was so mad that I forgot my camera! Merry Christmas My Dear!

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