Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Sometimes I wonder what would my children call me if Mommy wasn't in their vocabulary. Perhaps there would be silence! Oh, sweet silence! I remember with each of my children, that I couldn't wait until they could talk. Now I just wish they would be quiet & listen:) Between the two that are at home all day I think I hear "Mommy" at least 10 times a minute. I'm not exaggerating. My 5 yr old son can't get my attention fast enough & tries to squeeze in as many "Mommy"s as he can before I have a chance to answer & as soon as I answer he has another 2 or 3 "Mommy"s waiting for me. My 21 month old daughter just loves to call out my name. It was so sweet at first but now it just doesn't stop. But she has nothing to say once you respond to her. She just says "Mommy" again and again and again... I need one of those clicker things that you use to count how many people come through the door. I want to use it to see how many times my kids call out "Mommy!" Oh but I love them even if I wish I could change my name :)

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Happy House Quilts said...

Ditto! Let's cherrish it...there will come a time when they are off to college or married and the silence will be so overwhelming. Jodi