Friday, April 10, 2009

Watching God Work

Duane & I have spent the last couple of weeks desperately searching Craigslist for a car that would work for us, our budget & Duane's music equipment. After test driving a few different cars we decided that we really wanted a Volkswagen. The Jetta was sporty but too small for the band equipment Duane hauls back & forth to church twice a week. So we figured a Passat would be a better fit. Problem was every Passat we saw was either too much or already sold by the time we got in touch with them.

Last Saturday morning I sat down at the computer to refresh the Craigslist page. Just to see if anything worthwhile had been posted since we went to bed the night before. But first I said a little prayer to God asking him to provide a car that would work for us in every way. Page refreshed. Passat posted! In our price range, a manual (which is what we were really holding out for), good milage & it came with an extra set of tires! We wasted no time in contacting the guy.

We went to drive it that afternoon. Taking Duane's guitar with us to make sure it would fit. It just slid right into the truck with more than enough room to spare! The car had a couple of problems which after we made him an offer & he accepted he then fixed for us! What a blessing! It was so neat for me to be able to sit back & watch God work in all of this. For quite some time I forgot to let Him work & I waisted so much time worrying and getting upset about different things big & small. God is so working in me right now & I love it! I'll post a pic of our snappy new car soon!

On a side note, let me just say how much I LOVE Craigslist! Our church has been in need of chairs for the children's class. I looked for some on craigslist last Sunday & found someone selling them for $3.00/ chair! My Dad & I went to pick them up today & the guy gave us eight or nine more chairs than what we paid for just becuase he wanted to get rid of them. Again a blessing from God!

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amy said...

yeah for God and craigslist!

we have been blessed through craigslist, too. a very solid bunkbed, mattress, dresser, light fixture, and riding mower. all steals from great people.